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The fastest way to find suitable DevOps Tools via Periodic Table - Mar 2023

Updated: Jun 22, 2023

If you are finding a map of DevOps tools for your toolchain, it seems too hard for most people to get the tool names, keyword and up-to-date all DevOps tool areas.

Luckily, today internet is very popular and we also have very open netizen all around the world. has published The Periodic Table of DevOps Tools at their website. Please check this link for viewing and downloading it if you want.

Please check it out by this preview:

The fastest way to find suitable DevOps Tools via Periodic Table
Figure 1: Periodic Table of DevOps Tools. Credits:

As you can see, in Periodic Table of DevOps tools, there are 17 types with different colors:

  1. AIOps/Analytics

  2. Artifact/Package Management

  3. Cloud

  4. Collaboration

  5. Configuration Automation

  6. Containers

  7. Continuous Integration

  8. Database Management

  9. Deployment

  10. Enterprise Agile Planning

  11. Issue Tracking/ITSM

  12. Release Manager

  13. Security

  14. Serverless/PaaS

  15. Source Control Management

  16. Testing

  17. Value Stream Management

And with a specific tool, you will see its pricing type:

  • Open Source (Os): Open Source, almost free, except support subscription fee.

  • Free (Fr): totally free.

  • Freemium (Fm): Free but there is a paid premium edition.

  • Paid (Pd): totally paid.

  • Enterprise (En): tools' mature is at Enterprise level that is much higher than usual.

Recommend reading method

  1. Identify what tool type you need, read above list.

  2. Mark the area in Periodic Table of DevOps Tools that contain your tool type.

  3. Check (tick) in the pricing type that you want.

  4. Get the tool name & start trying. It's time for practicing.

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