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3 Free Apps you must install in your Mac - November 2021

In this article, you will be introduced 3 free applications that you must install in your Mac.




Stats - Resource Indicator

In the past, I used to install iStatMenus but it's not free. After searching sometime, I found Stats Repository from Github, it is not available on App Store.

Figure 1: MacOS Stats repository from ExelBan on Github

Stats is developed by ExelBan and free for all of us. If you want to download the installation file, you could go to Release Page with the link on the right side bar.

After download successfully, install it, you will get this indicator on your top bar.

Figure 2: CPU Indicator of Stats on Menu Bar

Figure 3: Network Indicator of Stats on Menu Bar

And there is Setting for your genius customization, of course.

Figure 4: Stats Setting with several indicators

Rectangle - Windows Arranger

The same as Stats, I have also keep finding a Windows Arranger as on default Windows 10. First time, I heard from friends that Magnet can help me, but it is not free too. I do love open source and I thought asking on a group of Mac users on Facebook, one of a ton of comments recommends that Rectangle is an alternative choice. Sound good, there is no reason not to try it.

Google Search is a very valuable tool, it lead me to Rectangle home page.

Figure 5: Rectangle Home Page for your MacOS

Let's download and install it as usual. You will get the icon on Menu Bar.

Figure 6: Rectangle on MacOS Menu Bar

Some hot keys to Arrange your windows:

  • Control + Option + Left Arrow: Left Half

  • Control + Option + Right Arrow: Right Half

  • Control + Option + Up Arrow: Top Half

  • Control + Option + Down Arrow: Bottom Half

  • Control + Option + U: Top Left

  • Control + Option + I: Top Right

  • Control + Option + J: Bottom Left

  • Control + Option + K: Bottom Right

UnArchiver - UnCompress Tool

By default, MacOS can open DMG and ZIP files, but cannot open RAR, 7Z, and GZIP files. The UnArchiver is what you need to work with. Find it on Apple App Store.

Figure 7: Archiver on Apple App Store

Download and install it as other apps.

Figure 8: Archiver Compress Tool Preference

As you can see, UnArchiver support: ZIP, RAR, 7-Zip, Gzip, Gzip TAR, Bzip...

Figure 9: Extract file with Archiver on MacOS

Now you can extract a lot of compressed file formats.

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