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Developers become unemployed with these AI Tools

We are all aware of the growth of Artificial Intelligence, but many of us are unaware of what AI is capable of. In fact, it can complete a code for your program in addition to telling you a joke and beating you in an online chess game.

Aside from producing code for software or applications, you must deal with numerous complicated challenges as a developer on a daily basis.

However, with an AI code completion tool, you can do more jobs in less time and become more productive. Brace yourselves if you’re a developer! AI technology can now help you with your next project by completing code.

In this post, we’ll look at the top AI python code generators.

What Are A.I. Code Generators?

AI-powered code generators are tools that use artificial intelligence algorithms to generate code depending on a developer’s inputs.

They can be useful in a variety of contexts, such as when a developer is working on a large project and wants to produce boilerplate code fast, or while learning a new programming language and needs to see examples of how to write various structures.

The goal of these technologies is to save time and effort by automating the coding process.

It is crucial to note, however, that AI-powered code generators do not always create high-quality or useful code, and it is often preferable for developers to write their own code rather than rely on a code generator.

Writing code from the ground up enables developers to have a deeper grasp of their code and guarantee that it is optimized for their particular use case.

Top A.I. Python Code Generators

If you’re searching for an open-source code completion tool, GitHub Copilot is the way to go. This self-proclaimed AI pair coder provides ideas for entire lines or entire functions within your code editor.

It gives you access to the expertise of billions of open-source coding lines, allowing you to stay focused and devote less time. The fact that you can choose from other options and manually edit the advised code ensures that you will always be in control of your code.

Additionally, this tool makes modifications based on your coding style. There are many different languages and frameworks that the code completion service supports. Among the supported languages are Python, Java, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby, and Go.

It can be used as an add-on for code editors like JetBrains, Neovim, and Visual Studio Code. This plugin can be used on a desktop computer as well as in cloud services like GitHub Codespaces.


You can start using it for free and premium pricing starts from $4 per user/month.

CodeWhisperer is a machine learning (ML) powered tool that helps coders increase their productivity by producing code recommendations based on previous code and comments.

Developers can use CodeWhisperer to create a remark that specifies a specific operation in plain English, such as “Upload a file with server-side encryption.”

CodeWhisperer automatically analyzes which cloud services and public libraries are most suitable for the required job and proposes a code snippet directly in the integrated development environment based on this knowledge (IDE).

Developers have the option of accepting the top recommendation, viewing more recommendations, or continuing to write their own code. With real-time personalized code recommendations for C#, TypeScript, Java, Python, or JavaScript apps, you can stay focused and not leave the IDE.


Developers are free to use CodeWhisperer while it is under preview.

Tabnine is a code completion tool that uses machine learning to help programmers write code more efficiently.

It is designed to predict the next word or phrase that a programmer is likely to type based on the context of their current code and to provide suggestions for how to complete the code.

Tabnine is able to learn from a wide variety of programming languages and can be used with the most popular code editors.

Some of its key features include the ability to provide suggestions for code completion as you type, support for multiple programming languages, and the ability to learn from your existing codebase.

Tabnine is intended to handle a broad range of programming languages, including well-known ones like Python, JavaScript, C++, and Java. It can learn from any language that it is used, making it more effective the more you use it.

Tabnine, in addition to supporting many different programming languages, can also interact with the most common code editors, allowing you to utilize it with tools you are already acquainted with.

It also learns and implements global best coding practices in your code. As a result, you can save money on testing and development while delivering code faster.


You can start using it for free and premium pricing starts from $15 per user/month.

It’s worth mentioning OpenAI Codex, which serves as the foundation for several of these applications, including GitHub Copilot.

At its heart, this is an AI that has been particularly taught to output code in languages such as PHP, JavaScript, C+, Python, and many more.

The OpenAI Codex also includes a playground where you can play with settings, input issues, and obtain results.

However, it is not designed to be used in day-to-day applications; rather, it is designed for you to evaluate the optimum settings and then incorporate the AI into your own application.


It is presently in private beta, therefore to have access to it, you must sign up for a waitlist. When that happens, anybody can use it for a fee and it will be made available to the general public.

Microsoft’s IntelliCode is an AI-assisted development tool. It is intended to assist programmers in writing code faster and more efficiently by delivering intelligent recommendations and code completion as you type.

IntelliCode learns from your codebase and the code of millions of other developers using machine learning, making it more effective the more you use it.

It supports Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript in Visual Studio Code, as well as C# and XAML in Visual Studio. The ability to learn from your existing codebase, support for many programming languages and code completion suggestions as you type are some of its key advantages.

For programs like Visual Studio, Visual Studio Code, and others, IntelliCode is accessible as an extension.


It is available as a free extension for Visual Studio Code.

Codiga is a static code analysis tool that integrates with several platforms, IDEs, and other programs.

You can use this method to make sure your code is as efficient, safe, and clean as possible. It can auto-fix code in real-time and is primarily a security solution.

It offers smart coding assistance while also allowing you to develop and share smart code snippets.

The platform supports the majority of popular programming languages, including ruby, Java, Python, typescript, JavaScript, YML, and others.


You can start using it for free and premium pricing starts from $14 per user/month.

AiXcoder is a strong code completion and search engine that uses cutting-edge deep learning technology. It has the capacity to propose a whole line of code, which will allow you to develop more quickly.

It’s a smart programming pair for your development team. It handles your codes using AI technology, allowing you to focus your expertise on more complicated and crucial issues.

This code completion engine also allows for customized deep customization for your team or business, allowing you to accomplish more throughout development.

Furthermore, it gathers coding statistics in order to provide you with customized code inspection guidelines.


It’s free to use an extension on visual studio code.

Do you want to create error-free software and deliver it on time? Then it’s time to use Ponicode to empower your staff.

This solution makes use of Artificial Intelligence technologies to produce code at a faster rate while preserving code quality with the least amount of work.

Installation of this program will take less than a minute, and you will be able to begin app creation, which will no longer be an arduous task.

It will assist you in eliminating boring operations by balancing code quality, speed, and innovation. You can create industrial-grade software with future-proof code that is free of faults and weaknesses.

This solution is free to use for Java, Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript programming languages.


It’s free to use for everyone.

9. Jedi

Jedi is a free and open-source autocompletion tool for Python. It is designed to provide intelligent code completion and help programmers write code more quickly and efficiently.

Jedi uses static analysis to provide suggestions for code completion and is able to understand the semantics of the code it is working with.

Some of its key features include support for multiple versions of Python, the ability to provide suggestions for code completion as you type, and the ability to understand the semantics of the code it is working with.

Jedi is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, and with its straightforward API, you can use it with a variety of editors and projects, including Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Vim, Emacs, Kate version 4.13 and above, Atom, GNOME Builder, Gedit, and IPython.


It’s free to use for everyone.

Wing Pro is a professional-level Python-integrated programming environment (IDE). It is intended to give professional Python developers with a wide range of capabilities and tools, such as debugging, testing, code completion, and code refactoring.

This editor examines static and runtime code to provide context-appropriate suggestions. A strong debugger, version control integration, and support for different Python versions are among its important features.

Wing Pro is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux, with price choices for both individuals and teams. Professional Python developers utilize it extensively for a wide range of applications.

It also improves your editing experience with a sophisticated error-checking tool. You can use its auto-completion capability in the editor as well as the integrated Python shells.

It also automatically inputs function and method parameters as you code. Wing Pro additionally allows you to properly put your arguments by tab-navigating through the invocation.


Your download comes with a free 30-day trial, and yearly licenses cost $179 per person.


In conclusion, Code generators are programs that automatically generate source code based on user input and pre-defined templates or rules. They are often used to quickly produce large amounts of code that would be tedious or time-consuming to write by hand.

Code generators can be useful for a variety of tasks, such as creating repetitive boilerplate code or generating code for specific frameworks or platforms.

However, they can also have limitations and may not produce high-quality code in all cases. It’s important to carefully evaluate the benefits and drawbacks of using a code generator before deciding to use one in a project.

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