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AWS Lambda ARM is generally available today

Amazon Web Services has made the option of using Graviton2 Arm-based processors for Lambda functions generally available.

The functionality is offered in Mumbai, Singapore, Sydney, Tokyo, Frankfurt, Ireland, London, North Virginia, Ohio, and Oregon availability zones.

The cloud giant is claiming that using Arm processors provides up to 19% higher performance at a 20% cost reduction compared to x86.

"In addition to the price reduction, functions using the Arm architecture benefit from the performance and security built into the Graviton2 processor. Workloads using multithreading and multiprocessing, or performing many I/O operations, can experience lower execution time and, as a consequence, even lower costs," the company said in a blog post.

"This is particularly useful now that you can use Lambda functions with up to 10 GB of memory and 6 vCPUs."

If users do not have any architecture-specific binaries or dependencies in their functions or alternatively use an interpreted language, they should be able to switch architectures without needing to rebuild anything.

When running on top of Amazon Linux 2, AWS said Node.js 12 and 14, Python 3.8 and 3.9, Java 8 and 11, .NET Core 3.1, and Ruby 2.7 are all supported on Arm.

Earlier this week, the main US-EAST-1 region in North Virginia had an EC2 outage, that impacted the services of many companies.

AWS said at the time the fault was within Amazon Elastic Block Store being overloaded, and customers should "fail out" to another availability zone.

Source: By Chris Duckett | ZDNet

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