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Auto-optimize PostgreSQL and MySQL queries with Datadog

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

EverSQL's optimization capabilities can be integrated with your Datadog's Database Monitoring, to automatically and continuously optimize your SQL queries. You can find EverSQL on Datadog's integrations section. The integration can be implemented manually or automatically by adding the EverSQL Sensor, which utilizes EverSQL's Optimization capabilities, to automatically optimize queries that you found on Datadog's Database Monitoring console.

EverSQL and Datadog manual workflow

1. Use Datadog's Database Monitoring to identify your slow query

2. Paste the Query to EverSQL

3. Upload Schema and MetaData to EverSQL

4. Get the new optimized query with the missing indexes recommendations

EverSQL & Datadog - Automatic insights

Once you have enabled the EverSQL Sensor, you will be able to get performance insights within EverSQL. These insights complement the information you will see on Datadog Database Monitoring.

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